Frequently asked questions

What should I expect?

Upon arrival, the first thing we will do is collect waivers and make sure that everyone who is participating has a valid Florida fishing license. I cant provide you with a licence but you can go to to get that taken care of. After that we will get you loaded up and do a run down of the boat as well as a quick safety briefing. We will show you how the bows work and let you take a few practice shots into the water. When everyone is ready we will head out to our first fishing spot and start shooting fish. We will be mostly shooting Gar and Tilapia and there is no limit to how many you can take. Both gar and tilapia are both edible fish but most people don't eat the gar. If you want to keep you fish you are welcome to them but you should bring a cooler with ice to pack them for your trip home. If you do not want your fish that is ok. They will be eaten or used in some way. We do not offer fish cleaning at this time. After your 4+ hours of bowfishing we will return to the ramp and take a little time for some photos with all of you friends and fish. 

What is provided?

We provide you with all of your bowfishing gear. (Bow's, arrows etc.. ) We will also have a cooler with bottled water and some snacks. 

What should I bring?

If you want to keep your fish you should bring a cooler with ice to leave in your vehicle so you can take your fish home.

You should wear appropriate closed toe shoes. This is not a requirement but if you drop an arrow into your foot, stub your toe or slip because you want to wear flip flops, don't say I didn't warn you.

Bug spray. Most of the bugs we encounter don't bite but this is Florida so........

Your shirt and pant choices are up to you but just remember, depending on the time of year it could be very hot so sunburn is something you want to think about. 

If you bowfishing adventure is at night you may want to bring an extra layer because out on the lake it often feels colder than it really is.

There is also a good chance that you will get fish slime or blood on your clothes so please keep this in mind also.

If you are bowfishing during the day, a pair of polarized sun glasses is a must. You will be shocked how many more fish you will see with them on.

If you are fishing during the day you should wear some kind of hat to protect your melon from the sun and help with glare.

Sun Block.'s Florida.